American Interior [US]
American Interior + Footnotes

American Interior [US]


DVD’s of American Interior and Separado! will be signed by Gruff Rhys.

In 1792, John Evans, a twenty-two-year-old farmhand from Snowdonia, Wales, travelled to America to discover whether there was, as widely believed, a Welsh-speaking Native American tribe – The Madogwys – still walking the Great Plains. Gruff Rhys retraces his ancestors steps.

‘A hugely charming and visually gorgeous film. American Interior comes not to bury Evans but to praise his spirit of heroically romantic myth-making, fighting for the big dreams of small nations.’

Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter.

Footnotes – A Fantastical Song-writing Adventure In Search Of Don Juan Evans

A 52-minute-long live performance by Gruff Rhys from the original Investigative Concert Tour™.

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