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‘American Interior’, the new album from Gruff Rhys, is out now!

"An album full of wit, originality and indelible tunes."
- The Guardian

"A beautifully listenable, engaging piece that is original without trying too hard and goes beyond its creator to tell a remarkable story."
- The Times

"These are epic soundtracks for the lost adventurer within us all."
- Mojo

The 12" gatefold vinyl is cut on heavy wax and comes with a CD of the album, and map of the American Interior.

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Album tracklist

  1. American Exterior
  2. American Interior
  3. 100 Unread Messages
  4. The Whether (Or Not)
  5. The Last Conquistador
  6. Lost Tribes
  7. Liberty (Is Where We’ll Be)
  8. Allweddellau Allweddol
  9. The Swamp
  10. Iolo
  11. Walk Into The Wilderness
  12. Year Of The Dog
  13. Tiger’s Tale

American Interior the album (Turnstile), is one part of a pioneering multi-platform project with a global reach set to hit UK record stores on 5 May, 2014. The project also consists of a film (ie ie Productions), and a hardback, paperback, e-book and app about the life of Don Juan Evans also written by Rhys (Penguin). They are also set for release in May 2014.

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American Interior Album

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